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Because of some power outages and power spikes at our ISP, we’ve been having some serious problems accessing the Internet for the past couple of days. So rather than keeping you waiting for your daily dose of SurvivalBlog, I am posting a couple of days worth of posts in advance, whenever our connection sporadically comes up. So don’t be alarmed if in the next few days you see a future date on any posts.

Letter Re: A Reader’s Tale of Survival on Alaskan Rivers

In reading your last few days posts on preparedness for disaster, etc, it brought to mind an experience I had twenty plus years ago in Alaska’s wilderness. I am only here to relate this story for one reason – I listened to my father as a young man, one of the few times that I did, but it saved my life. In 1985 I was on a moose hunting trip on a river boat with a close friend, whose nickname is Dangerous Don. We had put in our boat at the town of Nenana and proceeded up river to a …

Two Letters Re: A Warning on Kelly Kettles

Jim: I finally heard from manufacturer. They wrote: “Firstly, my sincerest apologies for the delay in coming back to you – I was traveling a lot over the past week so apologies again. All of our kettles are manufactured by skilled tradesmen. During the spinning process a small amount of grease is applied to one side of the aluminum sheet to make spinning easier – particularly when attaching the spout for pouring. This greasy side should be the outside of the kettle and this is subsequently wiped clean. I have seen two occasions within the past two years where this …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Commercial real estate lending close to a standstill. (Another link courtesy of RBS.)    o o o Thanks to Eric B. for sending this link: FBI Investigates Subprime    o o o Hawaiian K. suggested an article on homemade vegetable oil lamps.    o o o Yishai found an article with some tips on urban gardening.