Letter Re: Garage and Yard Sales as a Retreat Logistics Source

Dear Mr. Rawles
I have read your novel [“Patriots”] (several times) although I do need to get the [latest] expanded edition. And I finally talked my wife into reading it. I loved it–by far my favorite book of all time.
Okay onto my two cents. I just thought it might be a good idea to mention to everyone the value of going to your local garage sales. I work third shift and have been able to find quite a few good deals over the past years. This year I really focused on survival needs and I think I did okay. I got a Camelbak pack and bladder (never used) for $2, a wheel barrel for $3, and a pry bar that is used by fire departments to open up cars for $7. (These retail for $265). I’ve also purchased ammo, candles, lamp oil, and several other things that will really help me out when the time comes. All at deep discounts.
Just thought everyone should have their eyes open next time they drive by some junk in someone’s driveway. you never know what you will find. Thanks a lot. Keep Up The Good Work, – Bill C