Letter Re: Advice on Construction a Hiding Place for Precious Metals

I’ve got a plain, white, lidded bucket of coins (that’s the way the dealer packed them for me) on the floor of my guest bedroom closet. Above it is an old daypack with vital papers and bugout money. The closet, like most folks’, is full of shoes, coats, caps. I’m counting on [Edgar Allan Poe’s] The Purloined Letter idea.
My thinking is that the Bad Guys will go first for the master bedroom–and that’s where I’m well prepared to meet them.
On the other hand, if I have to bug out quickly, I will have these things ready to pick up and move out. – Bob B.

JWR Replies: Here is another example of “in plain sight” hiding places; I have a friend that for many year has used a 100 ounce silver bar as a doorstop, with its markings turned down toward the carpeted floor. He just painted it dark gray to make it look like a lead ingot. Of course, with the current high price of lead, perhaps not even its disguised form would no longerkeep it safe from theft.