Note from JWR:

Those of you that have been reading SurvivalBlog for a while have probably taken the time to read through the Retreat Owner Profiles page. Today we present a new profile, for a gent that now carries the moniker “Mr. Uniform.” The profiles are not mere brag sessions. They are the … Continue reading

Retreat Owner Profile: Mr. Uniform

Present Home: 63 year old brick veneer over weather board farmhouse (1,300 square feet) built by my father. 25 acres, consisting of 3.5 acres of pine, 9 acres of old growth hardwoods, 1.5 acres of apple, pear, pecan, grape, muscudine, and scuppernong orchard/grove/vineyard. Additional 900 square foot house, 100 year … Continue reading

Letter Re: Diesel Motorcycles

Mr. Rawles: The August ’07 issue of Motorcyclist [magazine] (pg 74) has an article on a diesel conversion of a Kawasaki KLR. They are currently making the bikes for military only, however the article does mention that a civilian design is in the wings. The company is Hayes Diversified Technologies. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Betadine and Polar Pure from Ready Made Resources

Jim, [Regarding the recent mention of soon-to-be-banned Polar Pure water purification and Betadine iodine products,] Just to let you know, today I picked up some Betadine at my local Walgreens store [a discount drugs store] and it was $17.99 for the name brand (8 oz.) and about $13 for the … Continue reading

Note from JWR:

Today we welcome our three latest Affiliate advertisers: (NiMH, NiCd, and Lithium Ion batteries and battery packs), (NOAA weather radios, 72-hour kits, LED flashlights, et cetera) and  Pyramid Air (precision air rifles, pistols, Airsoft guns, paint ball guns, and accessories.) Whenever you patronize our affiliates using our links … Continue reading

A Second Income–A Key Goal for Family Preparedness

I often encourage folks that are preparedness-minded to develop a second income stream. Why is this important? “Living off the land” style self sufficiently is an admirable and commendable goal. But even if you are living truly “debt free”, you will still have property taxes to pay. That means that … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Pension Gamble: Cash In or Stand Pat?

Dear JWR and SurvivalBlog Faithful: Here is a dilemma that I may encounter soon and one that other Survivalblog readers may face as well. I work for the state (which is in dire fiscal condition) and face a possible layoff later this year. When and if this layoff occurs, I … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Global Vitamin C Shortage Underscores Dependence on Red China

James, Here is an article I found describing a shortage of vitamin C due to production cutbacks in China. The following are two quotes from the article: “New York and Beijing – A sharp rise in the international price of vitamin C is focusing fresh attention on the risks of … Continue reading

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

"Outside of the Constitution we have no legal authority more than private citizens, and within it we have only so much as that instrument gives us. This broad principle limits all our functions and applies to all subjects." – President Andrew Johnson (1808-1875)