Letter Re: Betadine and Polar Pure from Ready Made Resources

[Regarding the recent mention of soon-to-be-banned Polar Pure water purification and Betadine iodine products,] Just to let you know, today I picked up some Betadine at my local Walgreens store [a discount drugs store] and it was $17.99 for the name brand (8 oz.) and about $13 for the Walgreens’ [generic] version (also 8 oz). I got home, and called Ready Made Resources, and their’s is $12.96 for a QUART (32 oz). This is between four and six times less expensive!

The owner was very courteous, mentioned that he has two sons in the military, and I look forward to doing business with him in the future. Just thought other SurvivalBlog readers might want to know this. Regards, – M., near Seattle