Letter Re: The Global Vitamin C Shortage Underscores Dependence on Red China

Here is an article I found describing a shortage of vitamin C due to production cutbacks in China. The following are two quotes from the article:
“New York and Beijing – A sharp rise in the international price of vitamin C is focusing fresh attention on the risks of the world’s growing dependence on China for essential food supplies and additives.
China, which exports more than 80 percent of the world’s ascorbic acid – also known as vitamin C and a key food preservative – appears to have cut production over the past several months, pushing prices up by more than 200 percent to a four-year high.”

“Though there appears to be no reason to believe that Chinese vitamin C is contaminated, the sudden shortage highlights another cause for concern over America’s growing reliance on Chinese food imports. Only one Western company, DSM of the Netherlands, still makes ascorbic acid, concentrating production in Scotland since shutting down its US plant two years ago. Chinese firms have driven all other competitors out of business.”

[My observations:] Only one production facility remains in the Western world and that one is in Scotland. The U.S. must either be suicidal or terminally stupid (same result either way) to have actively put itself in the position of depending on non-free countries to supply its daily needs. How many other items like this does China control the market of? I’d bet it’s a lot more than we think and that we won’t realize it until it bites us. Anyway, here is another item that people may want to stock up on. Keep up the good work! – David D.