Letter Re: Suitability of Missouri as a Retreat Locale?

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I noticed that Missouri is not listed as one of your top 20 [states ranked as] desired retreat locations. Please tell me why you think Missouri would be unsuitable.

Is there any possibility of meeting like minded people on your Survival Blog? Thanks so much for your help. Sincerely, – Marie R.

JWR Replies: I consider Missouri unsuitable mainly because of its population density. It is also down-wind of some nuclear targets. So if you plan to stay there then I recommend that you construct a fallout shelter (like the ones that Safecastle builds), and have plenty of friends to help defend your retreat. In the event of a societal collapse, I think that things will be much more stable in the more lightly-populated western states.

My reply to this posted letter
includes a link to a Survivalist Groups Matching page that might prove useful in finding like-minded folks in your area.