Letter Re: Advice on Buying an FN 5-7 Pistol?


What is your opinion about adding a FN 5-7 Pistol to my arsenal once other more pressing needs have been fulfilled? The pistol has a capacity of 20 rounds and 5.7×28 round which was constructed to penetrate body armor. When I was working for a public safety organization when this gun hit the streets we received a ton of bulletins concerning the possibility of this gun being used against officers. I think it might be a nice weapon to have around if you are forced to venture off your retreat location and conceal a weapon. When TSHTF we will likely be faced with armored threat like government contractors “ensuring peace and order”. One would have to store all the ammunition they would need however due to the rarity of use of the cartridge. – Toby in Oregon

JWR Replies: With reservations, yes, I recommend that you buy one. But do so only after you have all your other major preparations squared away. (Food storage, fuel, communications gear, medical gear, MBR, and so forth.) Since the likelihood of having to confront bad guys that are wearing body armor when you are not armed with a rifle is relatively small, you should consider your 5-7 more of an investment or toy. Also take into account the over-penetration risk for home defense situations. There, a riotgun would be much more appropriate.

OBTW, with a new Federal magazine ban looking likely, be sure to buy at least 8 or 9 spare polymer 20 round magazines and 9 or 10 of the “plus 10” magazine extensions before you buy the pistol itself. (CDNN Sports is a good source for both the magazines and the extensions.) And of course you will need to acquire what is essentially your “lifetime supply” of 5.7 ammo. You can expect no re-supply of 5.7mm ammo after things get Schumeresque. Speaking of which, “specialty varieties” of 5.7mm ammo (such as API) come on the market from time to time at Buddy’s Board.