Note from JWR:

The high bid is now at $150 in the current SurvivalBlog benefit auction for a brand new Schecter “Warthog” Electric Guitar. This is an awesome guitar decorated in a military aviation theme, from Schecter’s Tempest series. It has a $729 retail value. Please tell any of your friends that are guitarists about this auction. The auction ends March 15th. Just e-mail me your bid. Thanks!

Letter Re: Propane Shortage and Rationing in the Frigid U.S. Northeast

Mr. Rawles, I have enjoyed your site for years. I was compelled to write when I saw a situation in Maine this week that ties the two current threads on your site together (Just in time delivery and propane as a fuel source). In the State of Maine we have had a stark reminder of the inelasticity of the energy (propane) supply chain. As a result of a Canadian railroad union strike and weather that impacted the the normal shipping schedule, we have had a mini propane crisis requiring the governor to get involved, have the US Coast Guard to …

Letter Re: A SurvivalBlog Reader’s Four Days at Front Sight, by S.F. in Hawaii

Mr. Rawles, I took the two day defensive handgun course [at Front Sight] 2-1/2 years ago, and I agree on the value of the experience. Prior to that class, my pistol range time was just punching paper. Now its presentation, safety rules review, malfunction clearing, etc. I had never considered malfunction clearing! In all my reading of the gun magazines, I had never come across the topic. Maybe it’s not sexy enough to sell magazines. I also appreciate your review of [the television series] “Jericho.” I had the same impression, though your experienced eye caught more. I guess if they …

Letter Re: An Opinion on .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO

Dear Mr. Rawles: I know you’re busy and I don’t expect you have time to chat about old ground but I did have some observations on guns that you might consider. While the AR-15 in .223 cal. is not a bear killer nor a long-range sniper weapon, it seems to have been completely dismissed in “Patriots” (which I greatly enjoyed and profited from) and in the writings on the Blog. However, there are two cartridges that make this little gun lethal: the [55 grain] M193 Round/Q3131 Round and the 68 gr. Black Hills Match Hollow Point. The M193/Q3131 round has …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Two different readers mentioned this short essay by Peter Schiff on U.S. indebtedness and the encroaching foreign ownership of U.S. corporations: Selling Our Cows To Buy Milk   o o o “J Eagle” mentioned that MSN Money has a current article listing property tax rates by state. This is an important data point to consider when choosing a state for a retreat or for retirement.    o o o Our correspondent in Brazil recommends the survival novel “Wolf and Iron” by Gordon Dickson. Used copies are often available dirt cheap on