Note from JWR:

For those of you that have been waiting, we just received another 10 copies of “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by the late Carla Emery. This book is a “must” for the bookshelf of every well-prepared family. See my mail order catalog for details.

Letter Re: Firearm Chamber Adapters

Hi Jim, I found an article in the latest issue of “The Backwoodsman” magazine that talked about using chamber adapters to employ different caliber ammunition in single shot, and over-and-under [rifle/shotgun combination gun]s like the Savage 24V. Here’s the [MCA Sports] web site mentioned in the article that sells the adapters: It seems like a neat idea to have the capability to convert a firearm to shoot different types of ammo that might be scrounge during a long term TEOTWAWKI . Do you think there is any merit in investing in chamber adapters? Or would it be wiser to …

Two Letters Re: Pondering Some Personal Consequences of Global Climate Change

Jim, With regards to the recent flurry of postings on Global Warming (I prefer this term to the Frank Luntz, focus group tested “climate change”, which is designed to remove anxiety about the issue and thereby stifle any action on it), I wanted to clear up some common misunderstandings that have been intentionally spread around to confuse folks. I live very close to the laboratory on the slopes of Mauna Loa that first discovered the Global Warming trend over 30 years ago. After a long search for truth on the subject, I’ve come to understand that climate scientists are dealing …

Odds ‘n Sods:

“Kon Tiki” recommended this article from Tom Feeley’s Information Clearinghouse Blog: The Great Dollar Crash of ‘07   o o o From comes this disturbing news story: Strange Visitors at Barrett Firearms.    o o o Our friend JB in Tennessee recommend this site:, and its sister site, (The former is heavy on economics, while latter has more of emphasis on frugal living and self-sufficiency.)