Home Security–The “Lock Bumping” Threat

There is currently a lot of buzz on the Internet about the emerging threat of “lock bumping.” This is an old technique used by burglars that can defeat up to 80% of typical household dead-bolt locks. It is catching on with a whole new generation of burglars in the U.S., … Continue reading

Letter Re: More Evidence of Peak Oil Decline–Preparing for Much Higher Gasoline Prices

Dear Jim and Family, Bad news from the largest oil field in Mexico. The Canterell field, formerly reported to decline at 2% last August, 6% in October, and 11% in December has been rated at 25% today. Oil production has dropped from 1.99 million barrels per day to 1.5 million … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Unintended consequences: Rise in ethanol demand creates a tortilla crisis.    o o o S.H. mention an interesting list of 63 field/barracks items posted at Bouhammer’s Afghanistan “List of gear for A-stan.” S.H. notes: “This may be of interest to those reviewing their G.O.O.D. or Bug-Out bags. It is very … Continue reading

Note from JWR:

I’m planning on assembling a “Best of the Blog” hardcopy book in the next few weeks. The prospect of doing this manually is not appealing. Do any of you folks know of an existing “slurp” or “blog to book” software tool that is compatible with Movable Type that will allow … Continue reading

Letter Re: Urban Freeway Traffic Gridlock in a Disaster

Jim- Reading your excerpt from “Patriots” (I do have my own copy of the prior edition) reminded me of an episode in and around Seattle a few winters ago. Just before the afternoon commute, a rainstorm passed through and with the cold weather, created a black ice condition on the … Continue reading

Letter Re: Veterinary Antibiotics

Jim: All this talk on Tetracyclines and their dangers. Show me the research! I have only been able to find one case study of one person who became nephrotoxic on TTC’s/Doxy. Speculation is interesting, but research is really important in this circumstance. Thanks, – Russ JWR Replies: This issue is … Continue reading

Note from JWR:

Living here in the hinterboonies, our daytime radio reception is pitiful, but our nighttime reception is fantastic. (The Rawles Ranch is in an isolated “electromagnetic quiet zone.”) To make up for the lack of daytime reception (since we get less than a half dozen daytime AM stations and no FM … Continue reading

Book Excerpt: “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse”

In response to a request to Matthew from Indiana, who wanted to know what my novel was like before ordering it, the following is an excerpt from the first chapter of the expanded (33 chapter) edition of my novel “Patriots”: On the last day of October, the Grays found that … Continue reading