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Letter Re: Is the Threat of a Yellowstone Supervolcano Significant?

Hello, Jim! I have been following your blog and every time the subject comes up on retreats in the [U.S.] Northwest, I have the same question. What about the volcano threat from Yellowstone National Park? Would you please comment on this. Thanks, – GCP JWR Replies: Part of what you are reading in the mainstream media may be sensationalist hype, but there is definitely a long term risk. (An eruption sometime in the next 10,000 years.) The imponderable question is: Is there as significant risk in the short term? Clearly, none of the “experts” really know for certain. Yes, there …

Letter Re: Advice on Underground Retreat Construction

James: I agree with you Jim; your own home is not a first time DIY project, but. I would also refer Buddy to the $50 and Up Underground House Book. I have the book, and the author’s DVD/Video set. The book covers the construction method pretty well, and the DVD/Video, while not studio quality, is clear, has lots of models to illustrate his points. If I was going to build an underground home myself, this is the route I would take. Also, even though I have a significant amount of experience with construction, I would still spend at least a …

Letter Re: New Production of Steyr AUG Bullpup Rifles in the U.S.?

Jim, I’d first heard of this product somewhat less than a year ago. Well, if the U.S. production ever starts up (rumor indicated that, because Steyr had supposedly sold some ‘things’ to Iran, that our President had decided the AUG would not be produced in this country), it’ll be a long time coming. Also, all those AUGs on selling for $4,000-$7,000 will take a steep nosedive; persistent rumor is saying the U.S.-made MSRP is expected to be around $1,300. (Even “under $2,000” will be a bargain). 🙂 Ben

Letter Re: Easy to Carry Fixed Blade Knives

Mr. R.: I read OSOM’s letter on fixed versus folder knives and I agree. I’d encourage folks to go take a look at the HideAway Knives. These are semi-custom made: You measure the circumference around your index and ring finger combined, and the knife is finished to that dimension. The resulting knife is a two-finger custom loop with a 2-inch (or longer) blade attached. They are incredibly fast into action, razor-sharp, and you can open the hand up and continue to operate lights, doors, keys, magazines, etc without losing the knife. It stays in place, out of the way and …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Economist Gary North commented in a recent e-newsletter about “inflation fighter” Alan Greenspan’s legacy: “Using the inflation calculator, located on the home page of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we find that in 1997, an item that had cost $1,000 in 1987 [when Greenspan took office] cost $1,412 — a 40% increase in prices.”   o o o Tessy e-mailed us to mention: “One of the greatest and most valuable treasures in my survival library is the book written by the cadre of the United States Rescue and Special Operations Group based in Kansas City: “Six Ways in, Twelve Ways …

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"Does history warrant the conclusion that religion is necessary to morality — that a natural ethic is too weak to withstand the savagery that lurks under civilization and emerges in our dreams, crimes and wars? There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion." – Will and Ariel Durant