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Letter Re: Advice on Retreat Locales–Former Microwave Sites?

Dear Mr. & Mrs Rawles, I want to thank both of you for what you are doing and for I’m a 55 year old US-born male currently living in Mexico. I came back here a little over a year ago thinking that I would be here ’til further notice. … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: Survivalism and Personality Types–Pessimists and Optimists

Dear James: Here is a link to an outstanding essay that I’m sure you and your wife will enjoy. It is a perfect corollary to your wife’s essay. Print it out and pass it around to your friends. Here is the host site in case you are interested: Best … Continue reading

Letter Re: Laser Pointer Pistol Sights Versus Tritium Sights

Shalom Jim: Recently I’ve been doing some research on laser sighting systems (primarily for pistols). Two of the companies I have looked at are Crimson Trace and LaserMax. 1.) Do you like or recommend laser sights for pistols? If so, which is your favorite company or system? 2.) How do … Continue reading

From #1 Son: Farm Bill Comment Deadline

Today is the last day before the comment period form the Farm Bill closes. Please put your comments, particularly anti-NAIS ones, in right away! Something like this would probably be good: I am in opposition to the National Animal Identification System. It should not be forced on small farms and … Continue reading

Letter Re: Doubling Up on a SurvivalBlog 10 Cent Challenge Subscription

Jim, I’m enjoying the blog so much that I want to double my contribution. How would I do that? An additional PayPal subscription? I wish that more folks would join on. Best Regards, – MP in Seattle JWR Replies: I’m glad to hear that you find the blog useful and … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

“John Adams” mentioned this: For those of you with high speed Internet connections: Basic Urban Skills Training: Concealment Does Not Equal Cover. (A very interesting 20 minute USMC training film showing extensive live fire building penetration tests, produced by Dahlgren Laboratories.)    o o o Rob at MURS Radios reports: … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: Recommended Versatile Dog Breeds for Retreat Security

Jim, One of the biggest problems with the largest dog breeds is that they don’t live very long. We have three Irish Wolfhounds, all males, they are great dogs, very friendly and outgoing. Not good guard dogs, I think, but their size will scare most people. One of them would … Continue reading

Letter Re: Minimum Safe Distance From The Big City for Retreat Locales

Mr. Rawles, If one takes the Rawles Ranch criteria for minimum safe distance from large metropolitan areas – 400 miles from an area of 1 million or more, then one has eliminated all of the west except Montana north of Helena and North Dakota west of Bismarck (With a small … Continue reading