Letter Re: Is Radio Direction Finding a Potential Threat for Survivalists?

Merry Christmas Jim, For added COMSEC, I strongly advise those with transceivers to leave the microphones unplugged. This is a sure way to limit giveaway radio frequency (RF) emissions. For those who have to make transmissions, for example contacting family members, the use of [highly directional] high gain multi-element “beam” (yagi) or log periodic yagi antennas at the base station would reduce the RF signature. The higher the gain a “beam” antenna has the more elements there are on the boom and therefore the narrower the signal spread will be, in degrees, off the front of the antenna. An antenna …

Letter Re: FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirement for Ham Radio Licenses

Hi Jim and Family, I thought I would pass along a bit of news for Hams. The FCC has done away with the Morse code requirement for all U.S. Amateur Radio Licenses. The current No Code Tech license will change to include the Tech Plus license privileges. I can see advantages for knowing Morse code for communications. One thing it will punch through almost all interference and cover more distance on less power. However the FCC must have thought that the code requirement had become more of a hindrance to Hams as opposed to a benefit for each level of …

Letter Re: A Retreat Construction Alternative–Grancrete

Hi Jim, I saw this today and thought it was a very interesting construction technique: Grancrete. I also saw a site on sandbag construction some time ago and I thought that it was also interesting Either one could be used to construct a low cost shelter that could range from “bullet resistant” to “bullet proof”, depending on thickness. The grancrete could even be sprayed in successive layers to develop the desired thickness as it will adhere to itself unlike concrete. I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2007! Regards, – Tim P.

Odds ‘n Sods:

Jason M. pointed out this article: Arizona has ended Nevada’s 19-year reign as the nation’s fastest-growing state, fueled by immigrants and Americans moving from other states.    o o o From our friend Noah, over at the DefenseTech blog: Some of the Blackwater and Triple Canopy boys are running a bit amok.    o o o John the Bowhunter mentioned this one: California home sellers face several more months of pain, leading housing economists said Thursday. I think that they are overly optimistic, it will more likely be years rather than “months” before the market recovers.

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“The idea that government doesn’t grant rights is offensive to those who wish to control our lives. Therefore, to gain greater control, the idea of natural rights, God-given rights and Christian values must be suppressed. The idea that rights precede government was John Locke’s natural law philosophy, which had a significant influence on our nation’s founders, but they chose to refer to natural law as rights endowed by the Creator. The attack on Christian ideas and Christian public displays is part and parcel of the Leftist control agenda in another way. Certain components of the Leftist agenda require that our …