Letter Re: Propane Shortage and Rationing in the Frigid U.S. Northeast

Mr. Rawles,
I have enjoyed your site for years. I was compelled to write when I saw a situation in Maine this week that ties the two current threads on your site together (Just in time delivery and propane as a fuel source). In the State of Maine we have had a stark reminder of the inelasticity of the energy (propane) supply chain. As a result of a Canadian railroad union strike and weather that impacted the the normal shipping schedule, we have had a mini propane crisis requiring the governor to get involved, have the US Coast Guard to expedite the flow of tankers into Portsmouth New Hampshire and dealers to ration deliveries. This is significant because these adverse effects began occurring six days after the strike by railroad workers in Canada began. It is not hard to imagine several non-SHTF different scenarios where the propane would simply run out.

It isn’t a direct problem in our household, but as we have seen in other places, a problem for some people can quickly become a problem for all the people (at least the unprepared ones).

Here is a link to the article in The Bangor Daily News: Rationing eases lack of propane Please keep up the good work. I visit your site every day. – LL in the Northeast