Letter Re: Antenna Options For MURS and Other Hand-Held Transceivers

For the folks using the Kenwood MURS radios [such as those sold by our advertiser MURS Radios] or Ham gear, upgrading the stock antenna can make a world of difference in performance.
I highly recommend the extended rubber duck and especially the large 1/2 wave telescoping antennas from Smiley Antennas in San Diego. They cost $20-25, and can dramatically improve their useful range.
My little Yaesu walkie-talkie can hit maybe two repeaters with the stock antenna from my house. Using the large telescoping Smiley, I can get at least six more. Folded up, these aren’t that much larger than the stock units.
If you call or e-mail them, they are happy to make custom antennas for a specific frequency (i.e. MURS or GMRS) and with the proper connector for your radio. – JN