Letter Re: Recommendations on Springfield Armory TRP Series M1911 Pistols?

Dear Jim:
What do you think of the [Springfield Armory] TRP Pro [clone of the Colt M1911 .45 ACP pistol]? I want a .45 pistol as reliable as a Glock but with a more comfortable grip. Thanks, – Frank in Hawaii

JWR Replies: I have only test fired a Springfield Armory TRP Operator 1911, and Springfield’s XD 9mm. (But not yet the .45 version) Both had their merits. I’m biased in favor of 1911s, but I must admit that the XD pointed and functioned very well. I like the feel of the grip better then a Glock 20 or 21. From memory, it felt more like a grip-reduced Glock to me. (But I didn’t have all three side-by side to compare. I wish that I had.) And again, I’ve never had my hands on a .45 XD in captivity.) I’ve noticed that the TRP-Pro is a bit over-priced, owing to the FBI mystique.(Since these are currently being issued by the Bureau, after their brief flirtation with 10mm S&W pistols.) The TRP Stainless retails for about $800 less than a TRP Pro, yet they are functionally quite similar. That $800 will buy you a lot of spare magazines and ammo. If you like the functionality of a Glock, then you might prefer the polymer frame XD. I recommend that you find an indoor range that rents both types of guns and shoot 100 rounds through each. (By “both ” I mean both the XD-45 and one of the TRP series 1911s.)

As I’ve previously stated, another option is to get a Glock Model 21 (and/or a Model 30) and have their grips re-contoured. These Glock “grip reductions” were pioneered by T. Mark Graham of Arizona Response Systems. They are also now done by several other gunsmithing firms such as Robar.

OBTW, if you are going for the TRP, then I’d recommend getting one of the stainless steel models, given the very humid climate you have in Hawaii.