Letter Re: Pepper Spray Trip Wire Alarms

Dear Jim:
Nothing beats living at your retreat, but there is one burglar repelling device that can actually stops a burglary in process (without an alarm or monitoring): Pepper Spray Alarms – either trip wired or set off by electronic sensor. These can fill a room with pepper spray in seconds. You can even get one that can fire up to four times in sequence!
I have used them (and tripped them accidentally). They really work – and it only takes about an hour of ventilation to get back in the room comfortably. As an added bonus you get to either increase your attentiveness, or increase your resistance to pepper spray every so often! 😉 I recommend them 100% for gun safes, safe rooms, access doors/hallways, occupied and unoccupied buildings. They that say it is dangerous to put them in a vehicle, but an RV trailer should work. A lot safer and ethical than the old shotgun booby trap. Regards, – OSOM