Note From JWR:

The high bid is now at $200 in the latest SurvivalBlog benefit auction, This one is for a big batch of 16 survival/preparedness reference books with a combined value of more than $250, courtesy of the fine folks at Ready Made Resources. Please submit your bid via e-mail. The auction ends on January 15th.

Letter From Rourke Re: Useful Web Site on Nuclear Weapons Targets and Effects

Dear Jim: Here are the main links that I have on my groups for nuclear fallout. These are good links I have compiled over time: Nuclear Blast Effects FAS Page (International) FAS Page (USA) A PBS Web Page Star Narrative review of effects Nukefix web page Nuclear Fallout Maps for North America (FEMA based) at KI4U and at Richard Fleetwood’s SurvivalRing List of North American Targets (Also at SurvivalRing) Jet Stream Today (for high altitude fallout direction) Regards, – Rourke (Moderator of the Jericho Discussion Group.)

Two Letters Re: Advice on Disaster Communications

Hello, I am somewhat new to your web site. The information I have been able to get from it is wonderful and greatly appreciated. Have you seen the article from World Net Daily [about the DC Emergency Radio Network]? I have not heard of this type of system before. Respectfully, – B.W. JWR Replies: Yes, I saw the article. The DCERN uses the low power FRS band and thus these radios have very short range. I think that the higher power MURS or CB bands would have been a better choice. The system does has some utility. However, except for …

Odds ‘n Sods:

By way of The Energy Bulletin, here’s an interesting article from Australia: Head for the hills – the new survivalists    o o o I heard that JRH Enterprises (one of our most loyal advertisers) is is having a “Black Friday” (Day After Thanksgiving) sale on many preparedness items including night vision gear, gas masks, medical kits, tactical gear, and more. In true “Black Friday” fashion, these specials are available only on Friday, November the 24th.    o o o Israel is reportedly developing a “bionic hornet” micro drone.    o o o Commenting on the recent thread about barter …