Letter Re: Clothes Washing Without Grid Power

Shalom Jim: Recently my wife and I have started looking to replace our old [clothes] washer and dryer machines with something more energy-efficient. Since we plan on converting to solar photovoltaic panels in the future what do you suggest we do now? 1.) Lehman’s sells an AC +/ DC operated washer. Is this (DC) feature conducive to solar technology? 2.) What are you and your family doing for your clothes washing needs? B’Shem Yahshua HaMoshiach (In the Name of Yahsua the Messiah) – Dr. Sidney Zweibel   JWR Replies: 1.) With a PV power system, using a DC motor clothes …

Letter Re: Emergency Shelter Air Filtration

Hey Jim, Just a couple of articles [over at the Alpha Rubicon site] that you might find interesting: Safe Room Fan and, HEPA Filter Regards, – S.C. JWR Replies: For any SurvivalBlog that might have overlooked it at my Links page, I highly recommend the wide variety of practical free references available at the Alpha Rubicon web site.

Letter Re: A Site that Disagrees with Peak Oil Theory

Hi, First, I just want to say I read your blog most every day and it is quite nice, and has a lot of good information, so thanks for doing it! Here is an interesting link to an article on Peak Oil. These guys are claiming the Peak Oil theory is not moving along as fast as other reports. Peak oil or not, I’m still working on getting prepared. Too many other variables exist!. Thanks, – D.J.

Odds ‘n Sods:

From Noah Shachtman at the Defense Tech blog, by way of OSOM: Google Earth — keeping track of nukes.    o o o Reader Hawaiian K. mentioned: “Survival conditions are likely to bring on a resurgence of pests that have troubled mankind for a very long time. One of these might come in very handy.”    o o o Redmist found this piece: Uses of GPS are expanding.