Product Review: Replica Viking Tents From Panther Primitives

I’ve used a tent from Panther Primitives for Viking and Middle Ages re-enactments for about a decade. I can report on being in a Viking Wedge style tent during a storm that spun off nearby tornados. Not a leak or break. I like a canvas Viking Wedge because of the strength and transportability. The tent is supported by an internal framework of poles (traditionally, one used the sail over the oars), so there are no ropes or pins. When it’s time to pack at the end of an event, two to four people simply pick the tent up and move it ten feet to the side, and the inside becomes the outside. This is not a tent that packs up small (the poles aren’t), but it’s easy enough to transport with a truck, van or roof rack–I’ve carried it on an old station wagon with the inside stuffed with enough gear for two weeks.
Other tents that hold up exceptionally in storms are Tipis, French Belled Wedges and Yurts. But all are harder to move once assembled. The Viking Wedge simply sits on the ground.- Michael Z. Williamson