Letter Re: Indian Reservation Boundaries a Determining Factor for Retreat Locales?

Hi Jim,
Excellent web site! Regarding the recent discussion on living near or in a reservation, I have a couple of informed comments. I have been living near the Navajo Nation, and working in the Navajo Nation for about one year. I am of Caucasian descent. Here’s a couple of observations:
1. Native Americans seem to have a subtle racism/dislike for whites … when TSHTF, I am sure that they will draw together, and whites will find themselves an “outgroup.”
2. Most reservations and reservation residents, even though proclaiming sovereign status, are actually very dependent on the US government for various government hand-outs (e.g. welfare, etc.), and the bloated reservation bureaucracies are also very US government dependent. In a SHTF scenario, with governmental economic collapse, all of these dependent structures, and dependent people will have the economic rug pulled out from underneath them. Most native people have done nothing constructive with this massive US government input, such as developing true self-sufficiency … instead [funds from] the US [Treasury] are wasted on things such as casinos and to feed rampant local corruption. When the SHTF, the reservations will be total disaster zones, with a lot of people whining about how they are no longer getting US [government] hand-outs.
3. Most reservations are in areas with poor land, as in poor soil, limited water supply; essentially undesirable land.
4. Reservations contain many alcohol abusers, and they will be dangerous in their search for their next fix, when TSHTF.
5. Gang activities are increasingly developing in reservations, and these gangs will likely ascend to power in a SHTF scenario.
6. Reservations are famous for “rez dogs”, and these essentially wild dogs will easily group into packs, leading to extreme danger for any humans and/or potential food source animals for humans.
After evaluating this situation, I am moving to the Intermountain West, post-haste.- G.S. (Currently in Gallup, New Mexico / Northeastern Arizona, soon to be in Northeastern Washington state)