Letter Re: Updated Nuclear Weapon Targeting Data?

Hi Jim,
A couple of things for you. First, nuclear target data, from www.armscontrolwonk.com

Though it’s not nearly as cool as the real thing (much less with the effects computer), a scanned version of the 1977 edition is available online either as a single PDF or broken up by chapters. The 1957 edition is also available.
1977 as a single PDF
1977 divided by chapter
1957 as a single PDF

I’ve just received thousands and thousands of pages of new nuke, civil defense, sheltering, Soviet military history, very interesting field manuals and more. The stack is over four feet height. I’ll be producing a list of titles, data, page counts and more the next few weeks. Many I’ve only dreamed of finding. Now the SurvivalRing Survival library has over 20,000 new pages of PURE DATA.

A good chunk will be scanned in over time. Two great deals…one on eBay, and the other from Greg Overbay who’s been on my SurvivalRing mailing list for years. He had to sell his library to prepare for a move to South America. I covered postage, and gave him 26,000 pages of my survival data on my two CD productions…we both came out ahead. The data to come online from these finds and purchases can save millions of lives, should any balloon go up. Contact me at SurvivalRing.org. – Rich Fleetwood