Letter Re: Understanding the Terrorist Threat Requires Understanding Their Mindset

Dear James,
I witnessed a live presentation from “The Three Ex-Terrorists” several months ago. For those who want to understand the mindset of an Islamic terrorist and the ability to completely change one’s life, their story and insights provide actionable information. One of them killed over 200 people. They have presented to government officials but they are too politically incorrect for the liberal media to do more than very short interviews with. See also www.shoebat.com.- Yorie in Pennsylvania.

JWR Replies: Lest anyone think that SurvivalBlog is overtly political or religious, I’m posting Yorie’s letter and links for a reason that entirely transcends politics and religion. The Islamic terrorist threat in North America, Western Europe, and Australia is a real and present danger. The advent of weapons of mass destruction has increased the terrorist threat by several orders of magnitude. Never before in history have a handful of fanatics had the potential to kill tens of thousands of people and destroy an entire national economy. World War I was started because of the assassination of a European royal by a lone terrorist. The incidents of 9/11/01 (with 3,000+ deaths) radically changed our perception of the damage that a few terrorists could wreak.

And people wonder why I “deprived” my family by moving them to a lightly populated region…