Letter Re: Stocking Up on Stanley Knife and Saw Blades

Dear Mr Rawles,
Congratulations on a great blog, which I have just discovered. I am in the U.K. and am probably one of the few people here who has a copy of “Patriots”… a great read.
Two things it may be worth mentioning to your readers:
I haven’t seen mentioned before the importance of stocking up with small tool consumables — I am thinking of Stanley knife blades, “Olfa” type snap off blades, hacksaw blades and especially jeweler’s/gunsmith’s saw blades (who will want to make their own 3/0 saw blades WTSHTF?).
You might also note the importance of keeping the traditional manual equivalents of those power tools which will quickly become useless [in the event of a grid down situation]– such things as crosscut and rip saws, planes, “yankee” screwdriver with bits, carpenter’s brace with bits, sharpening stones, cold chisels. These things should be in everyone’s essential kit, and kept well maintained.With Thanks, – “Mr Lessogg”