Letter Re: Updated Nuclear Weapon Targeting Data?

Dear Jim:
I would like to ask if anyone has done a serious re-calculation of the old 1980s FEMA data, taking into account decommissioned nukes on both sides (US and the former USSR). I’m talking in particular about the Bruce Beach maps that we all know and love. (Hats off to Bruce). The point is many of these targets no longer exist, and many of the missiles that targeted these targets no longer exist. I also worry about a shift from military and industrial targets to civilian population centers, as we essentially saw with the 9/11 attack – directed at a capitalist symbol, yes, but also at one of the greatest vertical concentrations of people on the plant. What used to be the worst spots in the nation, down wind of the Minuteman and Titan bases, may now in fact be much better places to consider is my point.

The radmeters4u site shows that it was updated last of April 1, 2001. I feel like a freeloader requesting Bruce Beach to continue his good work, and ask instead what we can do, which I would be willing to contribute to, in order to get this information updated, taking into account China IMHO now that they, thanks to our previous President, can target us as well.
I would like to hear people’s thoughts on this. – Rourke