Letter From Buckshot Re: Buckshot’s Survival Attitude Versus the “Commando” Survival Attitude

Since Everyone is talking about it here goes…
David in Israel hit it perfect with his last letter. Thank you! The whole purpose of the article was to open people eyes to the fact that is a whole lot more to survival then fancy firearms. I thought people would enjoy reading about the little things it takes to survive for one year. Even in the outstanding book “Patriots” how many firefights were there? Not a whole lot. My point was if it was just me in the wilderness I would be carrying .22 Buckmark and a 30-30. Because I have carried the gun all day in the woods. I want something lightweight short, fast, and reliable. I never intend this to get into a whole gun debate. That is your personnel decision and choice.

Here is an example of what one man did with a bolt action rifle: The “Winter War” was fought in the beginning stages of WWII Stalin in Russia wanted to expand is territory to include Finland. Well the Finns are a stubborn breed. They were not about to hand over their country to some communist Government. Out numbered by incredible odds they fought Russia into a standstill and sued for peace. Part of Finland was given over to Russia so Stalin could save face. The Winter War lasted 114 days. One sniper with a 1928 bolt action Moisin Nagant 7.62x54R [with iron sights] killed more than 500 Russians. The Russians called him The White Ghost. He was given a nicer updated rifle with a scope but he hung it on the wall of his house and continued to use his old rifle. When asked why, he said he would have to lift his head too high to use the scope. He was dropping Russians from 100-to-500 meters. [With iron sights.] The point is that in the hands of the right man a bolt action rifle is devastating. If you want an America, example look up Sergeant York did in WWI against machine guns with a bolt action M1903 in .30-06. There is an old saying: “Beware the “one rifle” man.” Learn whatever rifle you own to be the best with it.

Buy whatever you feel you need, but don’t forget the Dietz lantern, the propane stoves, the kerosene, good wood stove, the water well, rechargeable batteries, the LED lights, the one year food, the boring grain grinder, the first aid kits, etc. I am serious. I don’t mean this in sarcastic way, but what are you folks in the city going to do for water? I agree most folks should Bug In. Stay home. Just make sure you are well-rounded in your whole survival approach. – Buckshot