Note from JWR:

And the winner of Round 4 is… “Northwest Huey”, for his article “Using Rechargeable Batteries”, which was posted to SurvivalBlog on May 30th. He will be mailed a transferable gray Front Sight Four Day Course Certificate. (It can also be used for two people to attend two day courses.) Congratulations! Meanwhile, Round 5 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest is already underway.

Further congratulations to David M., the high bidder in the SurvivalBlog fund raiser book auction. Many thanks, sir, for your generous $200 bid. Kudos to Kurt and Angie Wilson of Survival Enterprises for donating their last copy of “Patriots” for this auction!

And also today, we welcome our latest advertiser, Survival Logistics. They specialize in storm and fallout shelters, safe rooms, shelter ventilation/filtration systems, and storm shelter retrofitting. Be sure to visit their site and check out their full product line.