Three Letters Re: Canning Jars


I just wanted to let the readers know that Uline has a wide selection of jars, from 1/2 pint up through 1/2 gallon, with lids and rings. – C.S.

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Here is an interesting way to store mason jars in your pantry: Bug-Out Pantry – R.T.

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Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the info on food preservation. In this latest round, you mentioned pressure canning only lean meats. Why is that? Fat is an essential nutrient. – J.J.

HJL comments: The fat complicates the canning process and can cause less than desirable results. Because the meat is a non-acid product, long processing times in a pressure canner are the norm. The fat tends to liquefy at these temperatures and can interfere with jar sealing and because of the processing times, you can’t just run the jar through another heat cycle if it doesn’t seal. In other words, the failure rate of canning high-fat meat tends to be higher. That’s not to say that it can’t be done; it just complicates the matter.