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Social Unrest

Continuing on the antifa subject of last time, reader T.J. sent in the link to a propaganda film by the agitators. I couldn’t make it very far into the piece without feeling sick to my stomach, but an anonymous person posted these notes:

  • Notice the high-quality, professional production value of the piece.
  • Aiming at young people – effectiveness unknown; try it on some test subjects.
  • Uniforms look stupid 99% of the time and are tactically unwise almost as often.
  • The odds of a Team Freedom “Only Good Red Is Dead” counter prop is near zero at this time.

I would add that it is amazing that it is the antifa movement that seeks to hide its identity. (Usually that is a mark of those who are ashamed or pursue terrorist goals.) It is also equally amazing to me that these people are trying to portray their “enemies” as fascists while using fascist tactics and goals themselves.

H.L sent in an article from SHTFplan about South Africa. As the apartheid pendulum continues its swing in the opposite direction, some are now calling for the government to confiscate white owned lands. They are then wanting to redistribute those lands to black South Africans. While not yet official this policy will lead towards conflict.. It’s also a recipe for genocide all over again.


Reader D.S. sent in this article about a liberal, feminist, progressive who went to Turkey with her Muslim loverboy and ended up getting raped and beaten. Did she learn her lesson? As you read, you’ll find that she seems to separate the actions of her boyfriend completely from the cultural and political motivations of his Muslim faith. I guess some people just don’t take hints all that well.

DSV forwarded this article from the Washington Times on the Islamic State and their use of social media. ISIS is slowly retreating from towns in Iraq and Syria. So they are taking to social media and issuing new directives to followers on new ways for slaughtering non-Muslims.

Gun Control

Reader T.J. sent in this link showing that British law enforcement is now learning what the pro-gun community has tried to tell them all along: Britain Sees Rise in Acid Attacks after Crackdown on Guns. Duh! The gun is just a tool. The evil is in the person’s intent. Guns, knives, trucks, acid…even fists– all are just tools in the hand of a person.

The Store Room

A blizzard moving through Colorado and Kansas has wreaked havoc on the cattle and wheat industries. Thousands of cattle are being reported as killed . The inevitable shortage will drive the price of beef up again. Additionally, it appears that a significant portion of the western Kansas wheat crop has been lost. I hope you have your beef and wheat stores in good shape right now.


While Flint has dropped out of the limelight in the lamestream media, there are still significant problems there. The latest scam is the local government forcing the residents to pay for water that they cannot use or risk having their homes foreclosed on. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your elected officials knowingly poison you. Then they threaten to take your home when you refuse to pay for the poison. I’m wondering when the beatings will enter the equation.


SurvivalRealty has an interesting property listed for those who are interested in the Ozarks: A remarkably well built Missouri home, utilizing insulated concrete form (ICF) construction. The ad on includes an evaluation of the property from Joel Skousen, author of Survival Relocation.



  1. Thank you for all the hard work you put in on this site. Enjoy the new lay out for reading which now lets one make a comment. The photos are a nice enhancement to the site.

  2. Concerning the Social Unrest,

    It is disturbing to watch that video put out by the antifa ( forgive me if I don’t capitalize their name )
    The hypocrisy is almost too much to take. Dressed up in their little costumes and Halloween masks. Is the average American who watches this video supposed to come away with the notion that these people are resisting evil? Because as a person who exercises critical thinking. All I see is the far left extremists pointing fingers at the far right extremists. It’s classic pot meet kettle.

  3. Concerning the flint Michigan piece,

    A quick Trulia search of homes for sale in Flint shows the obvious problem in glaring reality. Where else can you pick up a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom 2100 sq ft house for $14,500? Might as well buy two!

  4. Great new layout on the website!. Concerning civil unrest: I think way too much time has been spent focusing on the antifa movement. We’re ignoring the major players and focusing too much on the childish lackeys being paid to protest.
    I just hope and pray some “right-wing” group doesn’t take the bait and start shooting. That’s just what Soros and his ilk want.

  5. As someone who lives in the same media area as Flint, it is heartbreaking to watch the daily news stories concerning the challenges facing the residents of that city. I cannot wrap my head around them having to use bottled water for Bathing, cooking, drinking, etc for now three years! That is not the America I am proud to be a part of.

  6. Sorry, but you should read something about Islam. In Islam, violence and aggressive behavior IS religious dogma. You need not only sense of responsibility, you need also information and understanding. For example, in Quran there is clear order: “Kill unbelievers wherever you find them”. Kill and rape unbelievers is considered not only acceptable, but downright ordered in Islam. Also Muhammad, as example of “perfect Muslim”, raped and killed many people. There is even provision to continue violence against converts to Islam. Every woman belongs to someone in Muslim culture child to parents, wife to husband, unaccompanied woman is considered free to take, especially if she has uncovered hair. Slavery is legal and widely practiced in Muslim countries, if Sharia Law comes to USA (it was tried already, so far refused) slavery will be back.

  7. First time responder here, although I’ve been reading the blog for years. Re: antifa, they are indoctrinated, violent sociopaths​. Lenin called their type useful idiots. The handlers are the ones who need “handling”. Notice in the John Brown Gun Club video circulating the web that there is a trainer and SBRs as well as surpressed weapons. Who did the tax stamp? When?
    As to the feminazi beaten and raped in Turkey, as a true believer she will never change her mind. To do so would involve completely destroying her belief system and rebuilding it from the ground up. Very few people are capable of this.
    The poor residents of Flint Michigan, stuck on the front lines of a war they were unaware of. As a good percentage of my fellow readers are aware of, war has been declared on American, by a certain powerful segment of our own countrymen. Tough reality to face, impossible for some.
    The new look is great!

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