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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Montana Tactical.


The Redoubt series at The Sandpoint Reader tabloid newspaper concluded on this upbeat note: The American Redoubt Series: Why the Redoubt? Some insights into the motivation for strategic relocation. This was a “reader written” piece that is quite pro-American Redoubt movement.

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Fractured West: In Oregon and elsewhere, rural residents increasingly balk at Democrats’ progressive governance.


Anyone who has not yet visited north Idaho may wonder why it is considered so appealing.  This video will show you why: North Idaho Wilderness Beauty

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Here is a Vice News video segment about Central Idaho’s new Dark Sky Reserve: The Darkest Place In America. (Scroll forward to 18:15, for that report.)

Montana (Montana Tactical)

Obadiah’s Woodstoves (of Troy, Montana), recently posted this fun video: Obadiah’s: Don’s Stove Delivery

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Any readers in or near Bozeman, Montana should drop by and visit Montana Tactical.  They have a great selection of black rifles, suppressors, optics, and assorted tactical gear. They also stock a few post-1986 NFA-registered full autos, and a good selection of registered SBRs from makers like Daniel Defense, Falkor, KRISS, and SIG.

Eastern Oregon

Hooray! Some Oregon residents can now pump their own gas!  (This new law applies mainly in southern and eastern Oregon.)

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Head-on crash kills drivers of two commercial vehicles

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Man hospitalized in critical condition after shooting inside Prineville bar.  The victim was shot six times–four time in the back and twice in the arm. The suspect in the case is one Omar Ramzi Araim. It has been reported that the suspect posted bail but soon fled Crook County. JWR’s Comments: Folks with Muslim surnames are very thin on the ground in The American Redoubt. But just occasionally one of them pops up the headlines.

Eastern Washington

The Liberty State movement is gaining momentum!  I believe that the partition of Eastern Washington–becoming the 51st State–is inevitable.  A pro-Liberty State rally will be held on January 20th in Colville, Washington. (Check for venue details to be posted soon at Radio Free Redoubt or Redoubt News.)  Rep. Matt Shea is scheduled to speak at the rally. There will also be a fundraising auction.

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Folks in the Spokane region should check out this great shop:  Three Gun Nuts Defensive Firearms, in Spokane Valley. They specialize in concealed carry handguns, suppressors, and suppressor barrel adapters. They also carry smokeless powders for reloaders, AR parts, and much, much more!

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His gun was used in a drive-by; but he was behind the wheel in Prosser chase


‘I’m Wyoming’s Donald Trump’: Rex Rammell enters governor’s race on libertarian right


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  1. How is it a person who shoots another man, gets charged with attempted murder, has dual citizenship and presumably 2 passports is awarded bail? The dual citizenship alone proves he has few ties to the community.

    Thankfully it appears the victim will survive. My prayers go out to him and his family.

  2. Great article, Fractured West. We see it all to often where the compressed populace dictates how the rest of the state is run. I reside in southern Oregon at the base of the west side of the Cascades. All to often I find that many voters are uneducated on issues and vote party only. My advice is to educate yourself first then vote. Also…regarding a SHTF scenario, many with the blue state mentality will probably expire rather quickly as they just don’t get it.They will feed off each other as the godless do in SHTF situations.

    1. R Thomas:
      I to live in southern Oregon and I pray that some day some way the actual collective consciousness of many that in this region do at least one of several things:
      1) Bring on the state of Jefferson.
      2) Become a red state.
      3) Inpeach many of the criminals that run the state of Oregon.
      Ya ya ya, I know keep on dreaming, right?
      READ the article and some of the above items might note seem so far fetched.
      We The People need to constantly remind our “employees” JUST WHO IS IN CHARGE!
      Where ever you live in this great nation of ours get involved so what happened and what continues to happen here in Oregon does not happen in your area. To give you any further ideas of what I am talking about read RANGE magazine!!!!!!!!!
      For over 20+ years they have bean on the forefront of just how corrupt the BLM and the EPA are. Read the back issues there massive amount of info there for you to digest! We need to take back our country from these weaponised government agencies! I have not missed an issue in ten years.
      God Bless the Editor and all staff and contributors at RANGE magazine.
      God Bless this Blog. and God Bless this great country. Semper Fi!

  3. The only problem with the Liberty State movement is that Spokane could be the capital. My thoughts on that would be the government in Spokane is no better than the government in Seattle, and just maybe a little less competent.

    1. Joe S:
      I agree. Spokane Is HIPSTER central of the pacific north west. The last thing we needs is a bunch of individuals who due not live in the hear and now and due not have the fore sight to look at things 20 years down the road and use good old fashioned common sense

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