Preparedness Notes for Wednesday – September 26, 2018

September 26th, is the birthday of the late Jack LaLanne. Born 1914, died January 23, 2011.


  1. Thank you for remembering Jack Lalanne. He was a wonderful inspiration to so many to take control of our personal health, one of the most important things any person can do for themselves. The fact he lived in good health to the age of 97 lends credence to his enthusiasm for exercise and a healthy diet. He outlived all of his critics in his early days of being called a health nut.

  2. He was/is an inspiration to me since I was a lad. Just before he passed, I saw an interview with him. He was sharp to the end and had a great sense of humor. He told the interviewer that he had sex almost every day. Almost on Monday, almost on Tuesday and so on. Very funny!

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