Odds ‘n Sods:

Puerto Rico battles massive blackout after fire at electricity plant. There are conflicting reports on whether the fire was caused by the outage, or the outage caused the fire. – J.J.

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Yahoo says at least 500 million accounts hacked in 2014 – DSV

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Reader W.C. sent in this link: Do WhiteLivesMatter In Charlotte? Do you really need to be on the street while this is going on?

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Watched. A reminder that you must be careful what you say in a police state. – T.Z.

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Two fun links for our readers today:

Firearm Symphony: Russian sharpshooter performs Beethoven dual wielding Glock – H.L.

A newly discovered flatworm from Malaysia has been named in honor of Obama: Baracktrema obamai. How fitting – One parasite named in honor of another parasite. – M.R.

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