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It is noteworthy that my #1 Son’s SurvivalRealty.com web site now has 175 retreat properties listed. It is a great place for land buyers and sellers to connect, the ad space is surprisingly inexpensive, and there are NO sales commissions charged. Many of the properties have truly great attributes as retreats, like this one: Northern Ontario Wilderness Home – Plane or Boat Access. – JWR

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Pokemon makes its foray into international espionage: ‘Pokemon Go’ lies behind China’s unprecedented military overhaul – D.F.

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Jihad Knife Rampage at St. Cloud Mall, 8 Stabbed, Muslim Asked Victims if They Were Muslim – Pat Cascio

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So you don’t have to find out about it at the last minute from the Lame Stream Media: Stations Prep For National EAS Test – RBS

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Cops Are Watching You – Even If You’re Not A Criminal – B.B.

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