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By way of Commander Zero’s blog (Notes From The Bunker) I heard that the New York Times surprisingly ran a piece about EDC gear: Multitools Make the Man.

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In a recent video, Wranglerstar reviews a great “game changing” knife sharpening system from Russia: A Box From Russia Changed My Life

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New ransomware pinpoints your location with Google Maps. I can’t help but notice in the demonstration that Windows 10 gave multiple warnings that had to be overridden in order for this ransomware to be installed. Link sent in by DSV

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A Seattle-area school district deals with fallout of limiting suspensions. Real-world test results. The schools cannot resolve deeper, societal issues. – P.S.

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If this doesn’t convince people that Hitlery is unfit to be president I fear nothing will: Hillary Clinton collapsing out of 9/11 Event – T.P.

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