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The OTC Med. That Can Kill You: New warning admits popular painkiller causes liver damage, death… – K.T.

HJL Comments: This is, of course, nothing new. The dangers of acetaminophen are well known. However, the drug continues to be used because it is one of the most effective at what it does and in the recommended doses, does not cause organ damage. What does need to change is the axiom “if a little is good, then alot must be better.” That is what causes the damage. Do not exceed the recommended doses! An overdose of acetaminophen will surely kill you; it just does it by causing liver failure at a later time. There are many reasons to keep this drug in your preps. Reducing dangerous fever is one of them.

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Several readers sent in this link to the movie Clinton Cash – The Documentary on the Clinton foundation

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“Oh, H*ll No!” Widow Says Democrats Are Exploiting Her Husband’s Death – DSV

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Knife slashing maniac kills 19, wounds at least 45 in Japan Excerpt: “A knifeman was arrested when he confessed to killing at least 19 people and injuring 45 in a stabbing frenzy at a centre for the disabled in Japan. The attacker went into the Tsukui Yamayuri centre in Sagamihara, outside of Tokyo, brandishing a knife at around 2.30am local time.” – Sent in by T.P.

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6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. So Far in FY16–But Only 23 Are Christians – B.B.

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