Odds ‘n Sods:

A mother’s diary of collapse in Venezuela – Link sent in by T.K.

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Massachusetts Attorney General “Reinterprets” Law, Banning Thousands of Semi-Auto Rifles

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Here is a small sampling of some of the new listings at SurvivalRealty.com:

Off grid homes in Arizona (Bug Out in Style, Well, Solar, Back Up Generator), Idaho (Luxury in the Wild! Offgrid Lodge, Springs, Pond), Montana (Off the Grid in Montana), Texas (Complete Nacogdoches County Retreat)

A 4,600 acre cattle ranch in Wyoming – space and water for a whole community!

Secluded acreage available in Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming, all ready to built the perfect retreat!

SurvivalRealty.com now has more than 260 listings. If you are looking for a retreat, or if you have some land that you want to sell, then take a look! Complete ads are just $25 per month, and no commissions are charged! – JWR

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Californians are Putting Their Money Down on a Sure Bet: Guns – DSV

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Wondering why FOIA requests are so hard to deal with? Gov’t sued for using ‘decades old’ computers – DSV