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Life Imitates Art Department: In my most recent novel Land Of Promise, I fictionally warned about “The Sharia Renditions” –mass extraditions of political dissidents by Muslim countries, from western countries. I posited that the interlocking web of extradition treaties might someday be used to ensnare more than just common criminals. Well, now we read that Erdogan’s radicalized Muslim government is summarily issuing job dismissals and issuing arrest warrants and extradition requests for thousands of Turks, some living abroad, on their Enemies Of The State list. The individuals include military officers, school teachers, legislators, judges, journalists, and many more. This is a mass roundup that would make Vladimir I. Lenin blush. It is curious to see that Erdogan’s bully boys had obviously prepared such lengthy and detailed lists well in advance of the recent failed coup d’etat. – JWR

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Seattle man finds woman living in his attic. Note the police response time. You are on your own until they get there. – P.S.

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Secret document allows Iran to accelerate nuke program years earlier than disclosed. Iran can upgrade its centrifuge modernization years earlier than we were led to believe. – H.L.

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Blood covers floor after ‘lone wolf’ train attack in Germany. Workplace violence perhaps? – A.S.

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Pokémon “Go Crazy Gamers” Wreaking Havoc in the Real World

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