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Tribunal: No basis for China’s Vast South China Sea Claims

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No Great Surprise Department: NY Times: Liberal Profs Outnumber Conservative Profs 28:1 In New England

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Government sponsored education re-education: Nordic Seniors May Be Forced Back to School Into Adult Education – H.L.

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In less than a week they created the largest tracking data base in history and more. The saddest thing is the sheeple want and are flocking to it! Pokémon Go tracks you РDMS (warning: auto-starting video on page)

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Reporter makes the Mistake of Asking Black Lives Matter Protesters Why they are Blocking the Highway “Let me get this straight. So these people go out to protest in the middle of the highway to get attention towards their cause. And when they finally have the attention, they complain about being asked what they are doing?” – T.P. (Warning: graphic language)

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