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St. Paul Police Officer’s Spine Fractured as rioting thugs drop large concrete block on his head “Authorities say during the course of the protests on 94 and later, on Grand and Dale, 21 officers from multiple agencies suffered injuries. The injuries were primarily caused by fireworks, rocks, bricks, glass bottles and chunks of concrete that were directed at officers, some hitting them in the head. St. Paul Police said someone threw a Molotov cocktail at officers, as well.” – W.C.

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WSJ Op-Ed: After 20 Years Of Teaching, I Am Banning Laptops In My Law School Classroom – PLC

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Seventh grade boys, girls could be forcibly injected with HPV vaccine if they wish to remain in public school – DSV

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Slate Columnist Admits Unborn Are People, But…

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Readers in the USA who have a drone or who are concerned about drones invading their privacy should be aware of some forthcoming FAA regulations. This link represents the likely rules to be implemented in approximately August, 2016. The FAA is the sole government agency regulating airspace over the USA and people operating drones for commercial purposes will need to comply with multiple regulations.

The regulations for recreational use of drones are less restrictive. Still, be aware of the following:

  • You likely must have a direct line of sight between you and the drone
  • Your drone likely must remain at 400 feet above ground level (AGL) or lower
  • You cannot operate a drone near an airport without prior permission
  • You cannot drop an item from the drone
  • You cannot operate the drone while impaired (alcohol, drugs, other)
  • You cannot operate the drone in a careless or reckless manner

For readers in the USA concerned about privacy over their home or land, the forthcoming FAA regulations probably won’t restrict drone operations in the airspace over you. I know many will not be happy about this. However, be aware of the likely recreational restrictions I mentioned above (and use them to your advantage if necessary). If a drone operator is of concern then try to document illegal or unsafe operations, and then contact the FAA. They will want to hear about it. Think twice before shooting down a drone since you may be forced to legally defend yourself. – P.S.

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