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Send in the Terminator: Are Police Allowed to Robot-Bomb Suspects? JWR’s Comment: This event in Dallas deserves some serious consideration and both public and legislative debate. Ditto for the use of a U.S. military drone (possibly an armed drone) in the recent lethal roadblock event in rural Oregon, where Lavoy Finicum was killed. It should also be remembered that it a was two police bombs that were used to end the leftist MOVE organization’s squatting and standoff in Philadelphia, back in 1985. There, police officers in a helicopter dropped two bombs on the roof of the row house in the middle of Osage Avenue. These were each 1-pound water gel explosives euphemistically called “entry devices”, using explosives provided to the Philadelphia police by the FBI. This killed 11 MOVE members, including their leader John Africa and five children. Firefighters were ordered to stay back and “let the house burn.” The resulting fire destroyed 65 houses.

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House Committee OKs Bill Letting The FBI Use Rapid DNA Profiling – C.F.

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Twitter Takes No Action As Calls For Cop-Killing Sweep Platform – P.M.

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All-Natural Homemade Bug Spray Recipe That Works! (More Effective Than Deet) – H.L.

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The FBI published a notice that GLOCK has been awarded as the contractor for their new 9mm pistols and parts. Expect to see a lot of used .40 S&W pistols on the market. – W.W.

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