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Video: Has The Government Put You On A Terrorist Watchlist?

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California governor signs stringent gun bills, vetoes others. The article begins: “[Democrat] Gov. Jerry Brown signed six stringent gun-control measures Friday that will require people to turn in high-capacity magazines and mandate background checks for ammunition sales, as California Democrats seek to strengthen gun laws that are already among the strictest in the nation.” The outright ban on 11+ round magazines flies in the face of American jurisprudence, because it has no grandfather clause, and even bans previously-grandfathered magazines. This represents an unconstitutional “taking” without compensation. And requiring a background check for ammunition buyers is absurd! At this point, with the passage of these unconstitutional laws, the only viable option for California’s gun owners is to vote with their feet. I strongly recommend relocating to the American Redoubt!

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A warning for readers on connecting home items for automation/monitoring. – P.S.

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Halos – A galactically bad idea: Mobile App Displays Location of Individuals with Concealed Handguns – OPSEC folks…OPSEC! – T.P.

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