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Paul Ryan shows his true colors: House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week JWR”s Comments:  It is obvious that the Republican Party leadership is preparing to cave in on this issue. Please contact your congressman immediately and insist: NO COMPROMISE on background checks! Remind them that the “No Fly” and “Selectee” lists are both horribly flawed and are based on rumors and innuendo–NOT any proper sort of due process! And please remind them that so-called “universal background checks” would destroy a key part of the Second Amendment: The anonymity of American gun owners!  Register brides, not gun owners!

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Over at the Weapons Man blog:  One Cool Tool (For AR-15 Owners)

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Headline: AG Lynch Met With Bill Clinton Hours Before Release of Benghazi Report. Attorney General Lynch stated to reporters: “Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned he played golf in Phoenix.” She also said: “There was no discussion on any matter pending before the department or any matter pending with any other body,” … … “There was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department e-mails.”  JWR’s Comment: Gosh! I haven’t heard a public official cram so many lies into one briefing to the press since back in the Monica Lewinsky scandal! 

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CIA chief Brennan looks at Turkish attack and sees a warning for Americans.

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Review: How to pack your bugout bag like a boss

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CIA weapons for Syrian rebels sold to arms black market: NY Times. 
JWR’s Comment: The sheer scale of these arms diversions make the Obama Administration’s oft-mentioned Fast and Furious gun-running scandal seem trifling, by comparison.  And it is noteworthy that these weren’t just like the handguns and semi-auto  rifles that were sent to Mexican drug lords. No, a lot of these were fully automatic weapons, and heavy weapons including mortars!

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