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Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Shepherds, Sheep, Goats, Wolves, And Guard Dogs

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Federal judge upholds Colorado gun laws, dismisses lawsuit – H.L.

This was the expected outcome of the court hearing. The law is stupid, but no one can show that they have been hurt by the law. It’s a shame that someone will have to be seriously injured or possibly die, needing more than 15 rounds, before the court will strike the law down.

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Survival Entertainment, Friend or Foe? An exclusive interview with Cody Lundin. – C.N.

As you will read in the (long) interview, it is meant to be a catalyst for change in where people get their information, i.e. not from a TV producer who knows squat and doesn’t care but from a reputable source with experience. This is something I know Survival Blog readers will identify with.

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Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, What We’ve Lost Since 9/11 (Part 2). – K.T.

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For Sale: Weaponized Drones For Corporate Use. – G.G.

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