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CFAPA.orgon the web: Survivalist starts issuing his own press passes

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Chicago Children’s Hospital Takes Custody of 16-Year-Old Away from Parent Who Sought Second Opinion. – D.S.

Incidents like these do not seem to be an increasing problem with the state, rather private hospitals are causing the issues. Child Protective Services (CPS); Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD); or whatever else the government services are called have a long history of letting real abuse slip through the cracks of the system and unfairly attacking healthy homes, but this phenomena by private hospitals is something new. Egos the size of Alaska in the Doctors and staff perhaps?

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Water war bubbling up between California and Arizona . – H.L.

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New Tourniquet Helps Save Soldiers from Most ‘Common Cause of Preventable Death’. – JBG

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Well-Tended Fires Outperform Modern Cooking Stoves. – P.H>

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