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Gun Shop Alleges July 1st Shutdown Due to Political Stance. – B.B.

HJL notes: While it is certainly sad to see a business fall on hard times, I’m not entirely convinced that the situation “Tactical Firearms” is in is as politically connected as they would have us believe. Upon reading the article, it seems that there is an internal squabble from one of the owners. The banks refusal to renew the loan may be more related to this squabble than the political targeting of the business.

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This link takes you direct to Federal site. Note that the bid was issued in January, 2014. One more lie from the politicians and the White House. They knew this surge was coming. The irony is that they are treating illegals better than our veterans. DHS issues request in Jan/2014 to assist with 65K unaccompanied alien children – P.S.

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Shortage Of Saline Solution Has Hospitals On Edge – R.G.

HJL Adds: It’s not just Hospitals. Our County EMS is running short as well. We are now told “Only start an IV when necessary”. We used to regularly start IV’s on anyone transported to a hospital.

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How to Anonymize Everything You Do Online – G.G.

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Border Patrol Stations in Dire Need of Medical Help and Supplies – H.L.

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