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Outlawed: The ‘spy’ cars that automatically issue parking fines totalling £300million after protest by privacy campaigners – JBG

I also suspect that “revenue generation” is a significant contributor as to why there is such a rift forming between LEOs and the rest of the population.

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In these Kansas towns, driving a car makes you a potential criminal. – T.P.

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Emails Show Feds Asking Florida Cops to Deceive Judges. – B.G.

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Will You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp? – J.W.

HJL Notes: While I disagree with some of the basic principles that this article is based upon, like the U.S. government’s intention to round up citizens to populate these “camps”, the article presents some good historical evidence from WWII and the Cold War that the reader should be aware of. The “FEMA Camps” will be emergency centers that are initially set up to help people but will be underfunded, undersupplied, and generally inadequate. The people in need will initially flock to the “camps” for help, then find that they are worse off. Think Hurricane Katrina.

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Hillary calls Gun Owners a “Minority” of Americans & says they are Terrorists. – B.B.

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