Odds ‘n Sods:

Mother dies in jail while being punished for kids missing school – H.L.

Can somebody please explain to me why a mother was in jail for her children’s truancy?

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Postal Service Explores Sensors, Data Collection Via ‘Vehicles, Mailboxes, Machines, Letter Carriers’ – G.P.

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Is this what our republic has succumbed to– vulgar 6th graders being encouraged by their parents? This is sickening and the fruit of a depraved and fallen culture–a society that has abandoned God. Josh Orlian: 12-Year-Old Standup Comedian Gets Naughty on AGT Stage – America’s Got Talent 2014 – R.G.

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2nd officer suspended in slitting of dog’s throat . – A.W.

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U.S. appeals court overturns L.A. ban on homeless living in vehicles . – T.P.

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