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Video Surfaces of Texas Police Executing Handcuffed Prisoner – T.P.

Texas police execute a handcuffed man and the grand jury refused to indict the officer. The D.A. didn’t want the video released “to protect the rights of the victim”, but I suspect the real reason was to protect the police officer. Once again, mental illness mixed with police brutality is essentially a death sentence with no consequences for the offending officer. Warning: the video is extremely graphic! Surveillance Video of the incident.

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Another example of expressing a first amendment right violated: Parma resident ticketed for sign warning of drunken driving checkpoint – T.P.

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Examples of tacticts that ultimately harm the relationship between the LEOs and the general population, yet the LEOs argue for their continuance. The Policing Tactics The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know About. – B.B.

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This is a typical response of the DHS. It would be so much more constructive to address the root problem, rather than attempt the intimidation of those who are wronged in the first place. DHS Goons Occupy VA Hospital Under “Presence Deterrence” – Police State Intimidation of Vets. – T.L.

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Mother-of-four, 31, stripped naked by police pepper-sprayed and left for hours in a cell over a misdemeanor. – R.R.

There is no possibility that this treatment of a person can be justified. This was outright torture, solely for the sake of asserting dominance. Again, the officers perpetuating these actions should be purged from the force and prosecuted for their actions.

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US pushing local cops to stay mum on surveillance. – P.M.

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Why do police departments need equipment designed for war? Do they consider themselves “at war” with the general populace? Do they think that intimidation of the populace will keep them subdued? When offered inappropriate hardware or equipment, why don’t they “just say no”? War Gear Flows to Police Departments. – G.P.

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