Odds ‘n Sods:

Criminal Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Indefinite Detention Case. – H.L.

Even the perception of “Liberty and Justice for all” has now been shredded.

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A study on mob mentality and subsequent loss of personal morals: Your friends really DO make you behave badly: Researchers warn being in a group leads to ‘mob rule’ and causes people lose touch with their moral beliefs. – R.D.

Also, the first season of this TV program has 13 British men left on a deserted island for four weeks with just the clothes on their back, three knives, and three machetes.

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US fears ‘Pearl Harbor’ in space. – P.M.

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An article of interest from Business Insider… even a generally left-of-center site, like this, is calling bogus on the screed from the chicken little gun control crowd. Why The Supposed Rise Of Mass Shootings Is A Myth. – B.C.

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Couple reports 3,000 gallons of water stolen near Gualala. – T.P.

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